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Young Identities - New Trends 7"

540 Records / Shake Music

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Reissue of 1980 Brisbane punk rock classic.

"It’s 1980 Brisbane Australia and snot rock is about to shift into another gear. The Young Identities, scourge of the local punk scene, are looking to spread their infectious musical vandalism further afield. Vocalist Clayton McLeod (now all of 16) has developed his adolescent growl and yelp to punk-rock perfection while original guitarist Dave has been replaced with the band’s tune-creator Rod McLeod. Bassist and lyricist Gavin McLeod is scribbling out the manic words to let the world know of his teenage angst and along with Brisbane’s answer to Keith Moon (crazed drummer Paul Murray) they drive the rhythm section to the pop-punk scuzzy melodies that grace the bands second EP. 

Completely at odds with their first record (created in a 3 hour blitz in an inner city studio) the gang head to a small studio in rural Forest Glen after a recommendation from local Detroit rockers ‘The Fun Things’. Studio owner Mungo Coates seems to enjoy the musical mayhem and menace the band muster and he brings to the record a sharp and aggressive sound that the pack of leather clad freaks are searching for. The 3 tracks are laid down and mixed in a day and the EP becomes the 5th independent release for Shake/Savage Music (a label set up in cahoots with fellow reprobates ‘Just Urbain’)"

Track list:


New Trends


Instant Feelings


Format:  7" vinyl record.  45rpm.

Year of reissue release:  2011

Label:  540 Records (540-022), Shake Music (SM-05)

City / Country:  Brisbane / Australia