Eternal Soundcheck

Yeti Magazine - Issue Thirteen + 7"

Yeti Publishing

8-inch square format, full-color wrap-around cover. 192 pages.

Words from the publisher:

Long time coming, the latest issue of YETI 13, but its completely worth the wait: The new YETI is not only in the new format we introduced last issue, but all of it is in shiny, happy full color on glossy, heavy duty paper. The cover has giant flaps to cradle the record in the back, and keep your place in the book up front. This represents a complete rebirth of YETI! ON THE HARD VINYL 7" EP -- ALL TRACKS NEVER ON VINYL BEFORE!  


* Full color, super awesome “wraparound” cover by Geneviève Castrée. There’s a dead seal involved, but it’s really beautiful. 

* Groovy posters from Christchurch NZ in the 1980s – originally designed & printed by Stuart “Kawowski” Page of New Zealand’s AXEMEN 

* A very, very lengthy oral history of the rock band Codeine by Mike McGonigal 

* Recent paintings by David Moreno 

* Introduction to the great/ forgotten Surrealist writer Gisele Prassinos by Sarah Lippincott

* Thirteen found photographs selected by Mark Sullo

* “Seven Bedtimes for Seven Bonzos” by Ben Bush 

* Fursaxa interview and collages by Ilyas Ahmed 

* Mammoth, killer comic work – “ORM: Part One” by Josh Bayer

* Images from the spontaneous Mike Kelley memorial that sprung up shortly after his death last year + MORE

Year of publication:  2013

7" track list:

Side A

The Great Unwashed "Space Biki"

Moon Duo "Run Around (live)"

Side B

Trypes "Our Obsessions"

Karen Dalton "Travelin' Shoes"