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Xwave - Cities On Flame LP

Little Big Chief


Words from the label:

"xwave - cities on flame LBCR-003 recorded in 2008. some great guitar heaviness this time around. a few ears have compared the sounds to kray cherubs. i think it hits on the vermonster - "spirit of yma" leanings. either descriptions are a great place to start." Little Big Chief

Track listing:


1.  Wasted

2.  Sweet Love

3.  Teenage Thrills

4.  Why I Love You


1.  Citie On Flame

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.  Hand numbered edition of 250 copies with silk screened album art.  

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Little Big Chief (LBCR-003).  Originally released in 2008 on CDR by Breakdance The Dawn.

City / Country:  Blue Mountains, Australia


"X Wave take a more martial approach to punk/rock, coming over like The Afflicted Man playing Spacemen 3’s “Losing Touch With My Mind” while making with massively thuggish/F/X drenched jams that give the nod to Japan’s Minor scene (Rotting Telepathies/Gasaneta et al) while they attempt to rip “Teenage Kicks” from the hands of The Undertones with nothing but a buncha wrong notes. Indeed, this feels closer to the original breakout rock/roll urge than any generic pretender, freaking with it in an intuitive high-energy style that has few parallels."  Volcanic Tongue