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Wonderfuls - Salty Town LP


Sold out.

Limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies.  The sleeve and cover artwork has been assembled by the band.  

Track list:

Side A

Freezing Cold
There Is Only Blood

Side B

Political Camp
Where Does It End
Brown Bag
Salty Town

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Self-released

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia


"Salty Town is tough. Not because it’s difficult to enjoy, but because it’s so easy to succumb to. Its listless sense of dreadful sadness never lets up, and it’s probably instinctual for us to be drawn to it. Released as a limited CD-R in 2012 and now finally issued on LP, I’m still worried I’ll write about it incorrectly. No single component in Wonderfuls’ music begs attention or deconstruction, because it’s unerringly passive and matter-of-fact. Its concerns are abundantly clear to anyone who listens once. Danny McGirr’s guitar playing is unambiguously crestfallen – chorus-laden, sentimental – and Robert Vagg’s vocals sound terminally ill. There are no shades, because Wonderfuls is just different iterations of misery that will probably sound the same to most people. When it’s not bleak, Wonderfuls is funny because it can only manage to be bleak. When you laugh, it’s because you’re nervous.

Salty Town winded me when I first heard it was because it’s totally unafraid. Vagg’s lyrics are sometimes cryptic but you needn’t deconstruct them, because these are instinctual and unfiltered responses. They’ve not been formulated to death. During ‘North’, Vagg recounts a small town and an afternoon spent there as a child, and the song is horrifying in its offhand melding of the nostalgic and the destitute. Clay tennis courts, primary school playgrounds, then gleefully murdered animals and drug addict mothers. It’s a dream turned suddenly sour and grotesque, and Vagg’s severe and straight-faced delivery seems to acknowledge that this horror has been waiting forever to take a bite."

- Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine