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Whores - Mob Reality 7"

R.I.P Society

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Words from the label:

"Seems pretty commonplace these days for bands to poorly record (and not good poorly either, i.e. a crude yet powerful demo tape) the first three songs they write, chuck them up on the inter web for cheap cyber kudos. Whores have taken a long time (also the label took a while too, sorry guys) to get their music out there. Instead of taking the path of cheap notoriety they’ve played show after show after show to the point where in their home town of Sydney they sit comfortably beside thick skulled hardcore bands, leather clad goffs, outer limit basement explorers and the true rock ‘n’ rollers.  Very proud to be releasing this record on R.I.P Society."  R.I.P Society

Track listing:


Mob Reality



Format:  Vinyl.  7" EP.  45 RPM.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  R.I.P Society (RIP026)

City / Country:  Sydney, Australia


"A refreshing break from cruster buttflap-patch convention, Whores channels traces of Swans’ Filth-era brutality over two side-long crushers. “Mob Reality” stumbles into being with a sullen, twangy riff swathed in feedback, a plodding, lopsided clatter of drums, vocals reduced to a totally unintelligible, strangled roar. The desolate “U.B.M.” trades up side A’s “complexity,” as detuned toms underpin a two-riff endurance test in 3/4 time, augmented by shrieking alto sax. This is vile noise not music that appears to have swapped out the stock foundation of UK/Swedish/Japanese crust for one based upon no-wave/early industrial abrasion." - Adam MacGregor, Still Single