Eternal Soundcheck

Watery Love - Two Thrills 7"

Little Big Chief / Richie Records


Punk rock.  A joint reissue of the original 2011 Negative Guest List release (NGL022) by the Little Big Chief and Richie Records labels.  Identical to the original NGL release except for a sticker on the back and arguably higher quality printing.  

Track listing:


1.  New Kind of Kick

"A search for cheap stimulus.  A pounding beat, shouted vocals, crashing guitars, a wayward solo."


2.  A Condom 

"A narrative concerning the contents of a man's bag with a digression on the plot points of a feature film. Penatonic heroics & explosive cymbal placement."

Format:  Vinyl reissue.  7" single.  33 RPM.  A limited edition US repress of 200 copies.

Year of release:  2012 (Originally released on Negative Guest List in 2011)

Label:  Little Big Chief / Richie Records

City / Country:  Philadelphia, USA


"This Watery Love single seems to be the only one out of the recent Negative Guest List batch to demand a thick, card-stock cover, and rightfully so – these two working-class dirges cannot be contained by mere copier paper. They’ve always had the knack for choosing cover songs that seem to be written specifically for a Watery Love interpretation, and the Cramps’ “New Kind Of Kick” has that tailored fit – rather than get sleazy and greasy on it, it’s a call for help, the sound of singer Richie Charles’ social radius shrinking to a quarter mile beyond his living room. “A Condom” has been a live set staple since the band first got started, but I never was able to understand the words until now – the passing of Leslie Nielsen hit a lot of us Philadelphians hard, and the Naked Gun commentary in the protagonist’s quest for romance is a fitting tribute." - yellowgreenred