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Unwar - Activate Mantis Division Now! CDR

Hashram Audio Concern

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Words from the label:

"Soundtrack for space probes" - Hashram Audio Concern

Track list:

1.  Zero Gravity Golf
2.  Spectral Paradox
3.  Trinomial Expander
4.  Interpolation Dream Emerge
5.  Incident On Moon Base Alpha
6.  Glowing Teeth
7.  Transformer
8.  The Dead Grow
9.  Earth Life Assessment
10.  Agreeing To Leave
11.  Cyborg Disease
12.  The Ocean Scene From Space
13.  Carbon Memories

Format:  CDR.  

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Hashram Audio Concern (hashram041)

Country:  Australia


"Unwar sounds like moments in-between, seized upon and studied closely. Tracks like ‘Spectral Paradox’ conjure images of the brief moments between a rural dusk and its total black night, when the sharper edges are shorn off the world and the absence of harsh light lends clarity. The synthetic colours throughout Activate Mantis Division Now! are rich and pleasing compared to their more organic counterparts in Donnelly’s catalogue, mostly because they lack the prickly percussive elements that lent a creeping quality to those old Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood moments. If those were a bleary-eyed trek through malignant shrubland, then Unwar sounds laid flat and staring at the stars. The foreign terror surrounds, but there’s a greater, more inscrutable terror above that’s far more engaging. And if you stare for long enough, you’ll probably see it." - Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine