Eternal Soundcheck

Untitled - CDR 3 / CDR 8 CS

Goaty Tapes

Broken techno electro dance musings by Matt Earle.

Words from the label:

"Recorded at Real Bad Music, Magic Mile, Moorooka. I went to Matt’s house, there was an old synthesizer and a tape-delay caked in mud. Matt told me that they were found after the summer floods. He said they worked. Then he said no, they don’t work, but that you could still get a signal if you wanked around for long enough.

Matt gave me two CDrs of this music. One-offs packaged and penned in delivery slips. The first was a “techno” CDr and the second was a “House” CDr. They definitely aren’t club standards. They also aren’t liberal-arts-cum-urban revisions to “real” dance music. I’m not even sure it’s dance music." - Goaty Tapes

Track list:





Label:  Goaty Tapes

Year of release:  2012

Format:  Cassette tape

Country:  Brisbane, Australia