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True Sons Of Thunder - Stop And Smell Your Face LP

Little Big Chief

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"Time fer some real talk. If'n the hirsute squad that pillage the junt in Conan had a band, they'd probably sound more like "Psychedelic Warlords" than the first Cathedral record, nah'mean? Well, the barlichood ablutophobes in this True Sons of Thunder act done roared over the hills in bout the same way, layin' a strip all round town thick n hot enough to stand out in the most post of apocalypses (i.e. Memphis). Still lampin' on that "Buy" button? Havin' a crusty mitt in a clutch of other ill-reputed bands in those parts (Manatees, Oblivians, Sharp Balloons, Four Johns...) mightcould give you a sense of what's in store here. Or maybe you chipmunked away their Spoonful of Seedy Dudes LP for a fortnight-and-a-half of beer sweat and pant stains but just ain't got to it? So ya mean to tell me you don't know they got solos that are to Dave Brock and Ron Asheton what Leigh Stevens was to Hendrix? You don't know about the cold-knuckled clubber behind that there kit? For shame, cuz the bedunged heaviness and aboiement that abound all over their discography are herein stretched out and slowed down juuust enough so they can boogie like motherfuckers when they wanna and maybe affix a lil proto to their punk. They've also finally put to vinyl a Duran Duran/Black Oak Arkansas medley they been kickin around for years and boy-howdy! Never did I realize how much both songs sounded like "Born to Go". THAT and other crumbs is finna get belched out ya brainz quicker than you can say "O-Mound". Gird yer bits all ya like; they're comin' for ya either way." 

-Sebastian Morris-White, Buffet of Loathesome/Fuck You Counselor

Track list:


Down In The Alley

Tom Lee The Manatee

Don't Make it Stop

Death Walks Behind You

These Days

Glass Foot


Knead Me

Mother May I Now Spell Cup

Get On The Buss


Friends Of Mine/

Gettin Kinda Cocky

Label:  Little Big Chief (LBCR-009)

Year of release:  2013

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.  

Country:  USA