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Thigh Master - Head Of The Witch 7"

Tenth Court

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Words from the label:

Pay back takes precedence on the new 7” single Head of the Witch from Brisbane band Thigh Master - a hook laden guitar pop gem that sounds as if it had just erupted from some sealed off tomb of the ghosts of Indie Pop past. The band combines Memphis garage with Kiwi jangle in a way that sounds distinctly Brisbane; yes, that striped sunlight sound, reflecting back from the muddy waters of the Brisbane River. 

Far from forlorn, the band howls through Head of the Witch with vitriol to spare, a demanding sonic presence bursting from the speakers. The flipside is just as rewarding, with the driving pop punk of DD and ominous tom-tom strut of Night Terrors rivaling each other for a-side status. This is vibrant, memorable pop music played with conviction and a gut full of piss.

Track list:


Head Of The Witch

Night Terrors



Format: 7" vinyl record.  45rpm.

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Tenth Court (TC005)

City / Country:  Brisbane / Australia