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The Unfuckable - Complicated Meditation Class 7"


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Words from the label:

"The Unfuckable existed in Sydney in 2004 and 2005 while Richard Stanley (Ooga Boogas, The Onyas) was living with Rodney Todd. They joined with Johnny Casino (Asteroid B612, JC & the Secrets) to fuck around now and then, and ended up recording some pretty good songs."

Track list:


Complicated Meditation Class

Day Off



Format:  Vinyl.  7".  45 RPM.  Includes comic strip detailing the beginnings of the band.

Year of release:  2011

Label:  Aarght (AARGHT003)

City / Country:  Sydney, Australia


"What I got was a dose of misanthropic Aussie rock n roll. And as you might have gathered from the cover, the band has got a nasty name and its tunes more than match the sentiment. Side A starts with "Complicated Meditation Class," a Saints-style ripper. Nothing you haven't heard before, if you know your Oz p-rock. It's over before you know it and we're on to "Day Off." Here's where it gets more interesting. The Unfuckable's guitars and drums get much looser, almost losing control. The singer spits out what seems like scary venom until making the declaration that he's going to...just take the Day Off.  The flip is named after the band. Its sad chorus finds the narrator recalling others pronouncing him "unfuckable" in single bars, large crowds, etc. A plodding, humiliating tale that occurs with a monotone vocal over Beasts of Bourbon-esque guitar work. Nice." - Hacking At Slop