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The Sunday Painters - In My Dreams LP

What's Your Rupture? / Terminal

Sold out.

Includes a giant poster booklet and download card which includes a bonus live performance from 1983.

Words from the label:

What's Your Rupture is pleased to present another farflung chapter in the history of DIY music. Sunday Painters hailed from Wollongong, Australia, and TBD collects their first three 7" EPs, all self-released by the band in miniscule, hand-assembled editions from 1978-1981. The music that transpired from their membership (helmed at the core by Peter MacKinnon and the late Peter Raengel) bridged glam, art-rock, noise and punk into pop passages that stung and longer reminiscences of near-ambient qualities. Their music, at this stage, is like the unholy but not unreasonable combination of the Homosexuals and Crass. Now we place it before you for further contextualization. Nine songs altogether, including a fine cover of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel."

Track list:

Like A Reptile

Venus (Bathed in Misogyny)

Heart Of A Siren

Rebel Rebel

Part Two

Let's Be Moderne

I'm A Car Crash

Format: 12" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2015

Label:  What's Your Rupture? / Terminal

City / Country:  Wollongong / Australia