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The Stevens - s/t CS

Do Your Block

Sold out.

This is the original 2012 cassette release.  For the 7" vinyl version, click here.

Track list:

Side A

1.  Alone
2.  I Look Back
3.  Teenage Satellites

Side B

4.  Weaving
5.  Out Of A Bag
6.  Fast Cars

Format:  Cassette tape.  Hand numbered out of an edition of 50.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Do Your Block

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


"The Stevens sound like a bygone era. A time of pure, unadulterated indie pop. When dudes had nice haircuts and weren't afraid to wear/pin their hearts to the sleeves of their v-necked school boy sweaters. With a pedigree that includes Breaker Morant, Teen Archer and Pop Singles, the Melbourne four piece does rousing, melodic choruses with more hooks than Kareem. The Stevens could be their best work yet.

The opening, 'Alone', is a love song. A real love song. One about pining over someone. From the first jangly guitar that leads into Trav and Alex's dual vocal harmony it's an ode to that other person. 'Fast Cars' is a buzzing little pop song, while the album's best - 'I Look Back' - is a heady speed of regret. Indeed most of the tracks seem to be about being young and making mistakes. Of being in love and fucking up.

Comparisons to Television Personalities and of course early Flying Nun bands have been made and they are all well and good but to my mind (and to be honest I feel a little weird saying this) songs like 'I Look Back' remind me of Hull's finest The Housemartins." - Tim Scott, The Thousands