Eternal Soundcheck

Grabbies - Live 7"

Distort / Fashionable Idiots

2013 repress of original 2004 release.  Brown vinyl.  

Recorded "Live at Jimmy Z's in Everett, WA 5/03/02".

Words from the label:

"I learnt English from listening to punk rock records... that's how I know to say fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fucking die."

About a decade ago, a couple of Italian immigrants arrived on American soil, and they ploughed, and they worked, and the fruits of their labour was a punk band called The Grabbies. This record is a document of the band playing live, and it stands with live recordings like those of SS and h100's: raw, volatile, horrible music, with some of the best in between song banter you'll ever hear. It was released at the time as a bootleg by a smart American man, and this is not the super deluxe 180 gram vinyl reissue, but strives for the low production values of the original. Granted that it's 2013, it's probably worse. Listen to this when bathing your litter, and appreciate the limitless potentials of human experience.

- Distort

Track list:


Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain

Immigrant Song

I Don't Know


I Wanna Be Blind

Comrade Child

Heart Turns Black

Format:  7" vinyl record.  33rpm.  Brown.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Distort (DISTORT-40) / Fashionable Idiots (FIR-050)

Country:  USA / Italy