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The Deadnotes - Orange Trumpet LP

Soft Abuse

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Words from the label:

"The Deadnotes are Eugene Carchesio, Stuart Busby and Leighton Craig, from Brisbane, Australia. With an arsenal of trumpet, guitar, drums & casio, the trio make a glorious racket that's drawn comparisons (rightly or wrongly) to Ennio Morricone, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, The Magic Band, Moondog and even The Minutemen. Since their formation in 2005, the band has written and recorded hundreds of minimal miniatures, some of which have appeared on limited CDRs via Craig's Kindling imprint. The 30 tracks that comprise Orange Trumpet - the trio's defining statement - are amongst their earliest creations.

Trained in the 'school of error,' The Deadnotes' fractured take on pop form touches upon the sounds of their forebearors in Brisbane, from experimental (The Lost Domain), to skewed pop (Small World Experience), to moody punk (The Five Minutes). Released in an edition of 400." - Soft Abuse

Track list:


1.  Through The Hoop
2.  Broken Wheel
3.  Orange Trumpet
4.  3-0
5.  Ask The Question
6.  Twice Around The Block
7.  Gigantor
8.  Formula Discovery
9.  Louis' Dog
10.  Ants
11.  Falliing Up
12.  Hourglass
13.  Make Waves
14.  Three Set Sail
15.  Chasing The Tail


1.  The Equation
2.  Guinea Pig
3.  Form A Ring, Shuffle Left
4.  Tug o' War
5.  The Days And The Nights
6.  Join The Dots
7.  Pandanus
8.  Mr Methodical
9.  The Processional
10.  In The Fall Of Time
11.  Do The Deadnote
12.  Gigantor (Reprise)
13.  Blindfold
14.  Towards Home
15.  The Deadnotes Theme

Format:  12" vinyl LP.  33 RPM.  Edition of 400 copies 

Year of release:  2009

Label:  Soft Abuse (SAB034)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia


"The Deadnotes are a great and very original band from Brisbane, Australia who are hard to get a handle on, but are a rewarding listen once you unlock the band’s unique musical language. The instrumentation is brushed drums, trumpet, guitar, clarinet, and Casio. At times the sound is out-of-tune Blue Note-varietals of jazz; at other times the synth drones; there’s a bit of some wordless chanting and crashing and banging; at other times, the energy level picks up and enters ‘60s ES-Disk free jazz territory. Every track is very short and compact, and none overstay their welcome, which is probably the key to this record’s success. The only comparisons I can think of for this band is the Slivers (the Minutemen’s bouncy jazzbo side project), and the detuned ur-Jazz of Smithonian/Folkways’ Music From the South: Country Brass Bands album. The Deadnotes sound like is a group of non musicians who picked up instruments and developed their own idiosyncratic way of making music, which is usually a great thing to hear. I’m not sure if I could call this record an essential purchase for everyone, but I would recommend it if anything I’ve written sounds interesting to you, as this record has worked its way into my regular listening roatation." - Chris Strunk, Still Single

"Not that you's was payin attention, but to get back to what I was sayin yesterday about the new Aussie scene, it's brimmin w/vitality & variation. So it seemed apropos to deliver the dirt on The Deadnotes, which is a trio what hail from Brisbane. They's got an lp entitled 'Orange Trumpet' that's come out on the Soft Abuse label what's a pickle & a half. 30 track's of playful, armchair whatsis, why I'd have tagged'em for a Melbourne band if I'd hadn't been clued in! Via trumpet, guitar, drums & occasional casio, these guys slice the staccato like ripe mangoes destined for a rum filled blender. Perhaps a sloppy nod to Laughing Clowns, a wink to Essendon Airport, maybe even an intuitive nudge to the drollery of Trevor Wishart & Steve Beresford as well. Anyway you's shake it, theys got plenty've pepper for the pot. Edition of 400" Tom Lax, Siltblog