Eternal Soundcheck

The Dangermen - The Dark Place CD

Mere Noise Records

 Words from the label:

"Ten years on the tiles and in the toilets have not wearied The Dangermen. Genres and trends have come and gone. Venues, bands and beers have travelled the same path. One might think that this four piece rock band from Brisbane might have grown up by now. After countless shows, 2 studio albums and a few 45s they are still ignoring adulthood and revelling in adolescence." - Mere Noise

Track list:

1.  Heterosexual Superstar

2.  Surf Left Alright!

3.  Elizabeth Arcade (Circa 1992(

4.  Twenty Four Seven

5.  Our Respect

6.  Khyber Pass

7.  The Dark Place

8.  Michelin Star

9.  Woke Up At Home

10.  Burnout

11.  Time Waster

12.  Suicide Girl

13.  Dealer Of Love

Format:  CD.  Jewel case.

Year of release:  2006

Label:  Mere Noise Records (MNR006)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia