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Super Wild Horses - Fifteen CD


Words from the label:

" 'Fifteen' is their assured debut full length album. Twelve songs recorded by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring which perfectly capture their chunky guitar/drum wallop and ripe vocal melodies." - Aarght Records

Track list:

1.  Lock & Key
2.  Fifteen
3.  Mess Around
4.  Adrian
5.  Golden Town
6.  Love
7.  We Don't Believe It
8.  I Want You
9.  Enigma (You Say Go)
10.  Carolina
11.  Degrassi
12.  Stranger By The Day

Format:  CD.  Jewel case.

Year of release:  2010

Label:  Aarght (AARGHT020)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


"At the heart of their method is a tremendous knack for writing melodies and classic primitive pop structures, played in the most direct way possible. SWH distill the history of primal rock’n’roll into nuggets of pure joyous noise. From the album opener ‘Lock & Key’, which sounds like The Gories covering Suicide, to The Breeders-esque power pop of ‘We Don’t Believe It’, ‘I Want You’ and ‘Degrassi’, Fifteen is surprisingly varied in its use of vintage guitar tones, charming vocal harmonies and teen-beat drumming." - René Schaefer, Mess & Noise