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Straightjacket Nation - Live On PBS 8/3/07 LP

No Patience

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Words from the label:

 "Originally released on cassette and limited to 100 copies, it’s been 5 and a half years since Melbourne’s STRAIGHTJACKET NATION first took to the airwaves and this incredible live set was captured. A band known around the world for their rabid live shows this recording comes closer to capturing that raw energy and power than any before or since. 11 tracks of Cleveland influenced hardcore fury for fans of 9 SHOCKS TERROR, and H100s, including a cover from short lived Sydney group MASSTRAUMA. Searing guitar meets manic cat-in-a-bag style vocals backed up by relentless bass and drums. Wild and chaotic hardcore punk from one of the most respected bands in the country, featuring members of THE UV RACE, DICK DIVER, PISSCHRIST, BLOODY HAMMER, TOTAL CONTROL, EAST LINK, SUCIO PODER, and more." No Patience

Track listing:

1.  Cold War

2.  Lockster

3.  Deadbeats

4.  Terror Alert

5.  Get In The Boot

6.  Cut Throat

7.  Gimme Failure

8.  Death Cults

9.  2006

10.  Latch Key Cancer

11.  Daggers (Mass Trauma)

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  No Patience  (NP:15)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


"The recording studio at Melbourne’s PBS FM, like that of most community radio stations, is small verging on pokey. Photocopied but mostly ignored reminders to keep the door closed and not drink inside are pinned to the studio walls and a glass window separating it from the reception area adds to the goldfish bowl/prison cell vibe.

So after witnessing Straightjacket Nation smash stages apart on numerous occasions, it’s hard to believe that it was in this same studio on a March evening in 2007 that they set up to record a live session for Phil McDougall’s long-running Sunglasses After Dark program. For Straightjacket Nation are very much a live band. I’d go as far as say one of Australia’s most intense and flat-out rawest. This album reflects this. Originally released as a limited cassette by guitarist Dave Kovess before a show with Danish band Gorilla Angreb and Eddy Current Suppression Ring, the session has been released on vinyl by No Patience, the Adelaide label run by Lewis Godwin from Vaginors and Rule of Thirds.

In the intervening years SJN have established themselves as Australia's finest hardcore band. This recording captures them at their most feral and ferocious. It’s the band’s earlier sound. A time when the ‘Nation’ had recently been added to their name. A time before singer Daniel Stuart (DX) had started jamming with UV Race and bassist Al Montfort had joined a bazillion other Melbourne bands. Here the band is a snapping and lurching beast. The howl at the beginning of ‘Deadbeats’ sounds like a trapped and scared animal. ‘Cut Throat’, the opening off their 2004 self-titled album, is here amped up to a crazed level. ‘Get in the Boot’, which would later appear on the 2008 album Cheap Kicks, is probably the best example of the band’s crazed and chaotic madness.

The recording is great. Raw, personal and very much live to the point where you can hear drummer Emily Jans calling out upcoming songs. Eleven tracks of vile hardcore. Punishing. By the closing track, a cover of ‘Daggers’ by Sydney’s Mass Trauma, you can almost visualise a small recording studio ripped to shreds." - Tim Scott, Mess & Noise