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Sprot - Summer Of Sprot 7"

Wormwood Grasshopper

Words from the label:

"It's been a while coming, but Sprot's 'Summer of Sprot' 7" is finally ready to release upon the world.

Sprot are a Brisbane duo featuring Matt Earle and Adam Park. On this 7" they offer up your pop tinged swirling clang on the A side (as a single to their album Tough Call on Breakdance the Dawn) and some shakey power electronics as a perfect abstract b-side. Although cut at 45, the b-side sounds particularly pleasing at 33. 

As Spencer Grady from Record Collector Magazine says; "Cartloads of fun to be had alternating velocities on this missive from Brisbane's Matt Earle and Adam Park. Apply the brakes to create befuddled textures like seditious droid scum sucking tube lottery ball retrieval. If it's a dose of braying bovine snuff you're after, simply juice up."." - Wormwood Grasshopper

Track list:





Label:  Wormwood Grasshopper (WG-04)

Year of release:  2012

Format:  7" vinyl record.  45 rpm.  Each comes with a unique hand made collage cover by Matt Earle.

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia


"Just when I figger I got both mitts 'round what's gwan in the Australian underground, turns out I'm just grippin' fistfuls of my own hair. I canna keep up! Round about the time this drops, this record'll probably cost twice the goin' rate (the exchange rate makes em about as pricey as a pack of Kools in Bagdad ta begin with). As always, if'n you cashy, make a move. Then again, we're talkin small press noisemaking, so the real committed (as in medicated) parties must each have 3 copies & a test pressing by now. But plow on I shall. 

Speakin' on multiples, if ever I were to covet 5 or 6 of a 7", this'd be it. All the handmade sleeves, collaged from color newsprint clippings, are distinct & fulla the same smashed attitude as the music inside. To double-up the comfort rating, the A-side is suggested at 45 & the flip at 33.3--which always inspires me to be disobedient. But like the Corvair [up on cinder blocks in my front yard], this thing is unsafe at any speed.

Sprot, for y'all accountants of history, is Adam Park (Girls Girls Girls...?) & Matt Earle (he of every band on the continent). Over these two unnameable cuts, they make like an army of vacuums & suck the room into a pressure system so low it'd give a tornado a migraine. One of the best lessons anybody makin noise can take from the Dead C. is the importance of room tone, & this pair behave as though they'd carved those two magic words into their hearts with rusty Opinels. Maybe they got booked in the wake of an air show one lucky night, but I'd plunk down coin it's the wise editing of these rakish kids, runnin' back the reels of a swamp-ass evening & finding some good ol horrorshow.  Pressed nice & loud, but I bet you knew that." - Buffet Of Loathsome

"The a-side “single” is all bass and cymbal engulfed in a swirl of electricity and what could be (but knowing those involved probably isn’t) vocals. This is as anthemic as Sprot will probably ever sound. The other side is closer to the seared electronic murk that I was expecting based on Sprot’s previous slew of CD-R releases on Breakdance The Dawn. Sounds like an old Corolla that won’t start no matter how many times you try to gun the ignition. My turntable doesn’t have 78 as an option so I can’t vouch for that, but both speeds on offer cause some distinctive, although equally pleasing, sounds to come out. Honestly, I’m just stoked someone had the sense to front up the cash to put Sprot on wax, good on ‘em." - Cooper Bowman, Crawlspace Magazine