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Songs - Malabar LP


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Words from the label:


After releasing a 4-track EP in 2008 and a stunning debut full-length in 2009, Songs return to the fold with Malabar – an album that represents maturation in songwriting and somewhat of a sonic makeover for the Sydney-based pop quartet.

Since forming in 2007, Songs’ charm has been typified by a lo-fi jangle pop aesthetic, drawing comparisons to AUS and NZ legends such as The Triffids, The Clean and The Go-Betweens.

Their sophomore record still highlights their unique pop sensibilities, but portrays a far rounder, richer, yet more impulsive sound. It’s still the band you fell in love with four years ago, speckled with a fresh slice of imagination and musical improvisation." - Popfrenzy

Track list:


1.  Alone When I'm With You
2.  Boy/Girl
3.  Looking Without Seeing
4.  Good Times
5.  The Country


1.  Ringing Bells
2.  Malabar
3.  Ever Since The Time
4.  Reprise

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.  Includes mp3 download code.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Popfrenzy (PF140)

City / Country:  Sydney, Australia


"From the three-minute opening blast of 'Alone When I'm With You' to the soothing 'Reprise', the album is impressive in its diversity. There's familiar terrain here. 'Good Times' and 'Country' are fast moving vehicles for Doyle's talk-singing. The Flying Nun comparisons are there, as always, but there's more. 'Ever Since the Time' is a sprawling epic of guitar and Hammond organ; a heavy footed anthem observing the refrain “I'll never change”.

A welcome shift on this record is the prominence given to Ela Stiles's vocals. Almost hypnotic, when woven with the flute and eastern vibes of 'Looking Without Seeing'. And again and again as a tempering element in harmony with Doyle, rounding out a richly varied yet cohesive album. And a bunch of great (small 's') songs." - Cleo Braithwaite, Two Thousand