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Soft Power - If You Come Around: You Know What Happens LP

All Day Breakfast

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Debut wax release featuring members of Sky Needle, Cured Pink, Sewers, and Brous.  Purple transparent vinyl.

Words from the label:

The breeze of the 1990's retrospective crises - misunderstood, undeniable, out beyond the fall of the wall, completely trepidatious in planetary calm - swept past boundaries in the bloc, the modern-colonial frontier of protracted interconnectivity as if the planet was wrapped in complete conquest - though the proponents of the new frontier were at a loss, what could they now stake a claim on? 

The new universals began to fall, unable to define the old antagonist - fascist, communist, rogue state, insane rhetoric, maniacal buffoonery - and the enemy state had its last dance on the world’s balkanizing backstage – antiquated, ideologies requiring representation becoming vapor, much like the world wide web of creeping viruses, in its own way a new colonial forecourt of ‘bad’ systems unable to join the march, once and for all ex-communicated, never in the loop, unheard of and left to starve like aged computers, simply struggling to be relevant. 

There was a new technological strata, hand-operating hand in hand, making its geo-political sister a different promise, one that the sister seemed unable to provide in relative peace, the promise of always-greater informed acceleration, advanced computational irrelevance, where the project is never complete, the goal-posts pushed back, the great circular-causal system of a network determinated pollination – the techno-geo-inter-twining. 

Indeed it was predicated early that parts of the globe would hatch a great bogeymen of the future, an anti-viral impenetrable algorithmic machine wreaking havoc upon data-centers, enigmatic, geographically emerging with little hint of origins other than the fatalism that there must always be a newer softer power.

- All Day Breakfast.

Track list:

Side A

Hello Hello

Linguine Oceans

If You Come Around: You Know What Happens

Specific Pacific

Side B



Finale Solution

Format: 12" vinyl record.  

Year of release:  2014

Label:  All Day Breakfast Enterprises (ADB.A.2)

City / Country:  Brisbane / Australia