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Sky Needle - Acid Perm CS

Nihilistic Orbs

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Track list:


Acid Perm


Deadshits Salon

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Nihilistic Orbs (NO-005)

Format: Cassette tape.  Limited edition of 100 copies.  

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia



"Brand new extended jams from this amazing Australian combo who use invented instruments and free female vocals to generate an alien future/primitive folk/drone hybrid: released in an edition of only 100 copies Acid Perm’s A side comes over like Moondog’s honking geese orchestra meets Roscoe Mitchell’s classic Nonaah with Sarah Byrne’s vocals touching on the transcendental tongue of Meredith Monk before the whole deal starts to levitate with Ornette style string-sawing. The flip takes the tsugaru shamisen style and bolsters it with wild flashes of electricity and a rolling peg-leg stomp that comes over like the Orimo clan plays early SME. Totally singular and highly recommended."  David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue