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Shrapnel - Tobacco Dreams CS

Tenth Court

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Words from the label:

Shrapnel is the beat driven solo project of Sydney musician Sam Wilkinson (Day Ravies, King Tears Mortuary, Mope City) - a mostly electronic outfit akin to early Atlas Sound or bubblegum Suicide. 

The 14 track album spans an impressive number of styles and moods, from the 8 minute xanax motorik of 'Diet Coke (In All Its Glory)', to the Osaka inspired electronics of 'Ice Hat'. It is an album that reflects the ADD eclecticism of modern music listening, whilst retaining a seemingly impossible overall coherence throughout; making "Tobacco Dreams" an album for nearly all occasions. 

- Tenth Court

Track list:

Side A

Print And Sign


Comandeer It

Direct Debt

Baby Picks Up

Diet Coke (In All Its Glory)

Hickford One

Side B

Personal Drinks

Ice Hat

Tobacco Dream

Partial Arts

Wet Whistle

Back Seat Driver

Kicked It Over The Fence


Format:  Cassette 

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Tenth Court (TC002)

City / Country:  Sydney / Australia