Eternal Soundcheck

Scraps - Classic Shits 2006-2009 LP

Bedroom Suck

This is a compilation LP of home recordings from 2006 to 2009. 

Track listing:


1.  Hunny Bee

2.  Walking Down the Street

3.  I Need You

4.  Charming Girl

5.  Lemon Pop!

6.  Hold Me Tight


1.  Love Letter

2.  Ticket

3.  Shooting Star

4.  Cave

5.  Western Sky

6.  Time Machine

7.  Suddenly yr in my Heart

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.

Year of release:  2011

Label:  Bedroom Suck (BSR015)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia


"The sounds coming off ofClassic Shits may be digital and fragile, but the sentiment behind them surely isn’t, Ms. Hill pushing a very personal-sounding, confident, exploratory agenda into real human feelings, propped up against secondhand consumer electronics and the dingy shine they so often produce. The songcraft and lyricism here connects the invisible dots between the Marine Girls, Danielle Dax, Gilmore Tamny and Suckdog, a four sided shape stretching to the beat with a believable vulnerability and dreamlike stature. It’s a good one, a record that defies classic sensibilities, and showcases an artist well in control of her own expressive tendencies." - Doug Mosurock, Still Single