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Scrabbled - Live CS

Alberts Basement

A collection of live performances recorded in Brisbane and Melbourne throughout 2013/2014.

Words from the label:

Scrabbled Live comes to you fresh from the hearts of one of Australia's best bands. Tear and tumble rock n roll? Voices of reason speaking directly and cheekily? Scrabbled's songs have grown on me from scratch the head and look interest... to being in love.

For those of you who don't know them.. Bek Moore is from Above Ground Pool and CLAG, and we're bloody happy she's got a new band going! Her songwriting partner in Scrabbled is Dusty Anastassiou from DAG. The latest incarnation of the live band includes Mark Spinks (Gravel Samwidge), Timothy Green and Skye McNicol (Wardenburger, Bent) who all contribute wonderful energy and momentum to the Scrabbled vehicle. This cassette features some old crew on it though. Conwae Burrell (of Extrafoxx), the lead guitarist that was playing when I first saw Scrabbled play, Jason Bright, and let's not forget Emily Wade, the body clock of the band until she upped and left.

Their last release Welcome To Pig City (on Virtual Cool) is essential and nearly sold out, seek it out if you can. One of the most beautiful pop recordings I've heard in some time

- Albert's Basement

Track list:

Good Enuf Cunt

Jebus Cried

New Pig City

Masochistic Love

Dead Noise

New Kids On The Block

Nervous By Nature

New Pig City



Waiting For Godot


Format: Cassette

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Albert's Basement (AB-67)

City / Country:  Brisbane / Australia