Eternal Soundcheck

Scissor / Third I - Split CDR

Smell The Stench Records

A split release between Serbian and Australian dark ambient minimalist noise artists.  

Track list:

1.  Third I - The Birds

2.  Scissor - Coil

Format:  CDR with insert.  Edition of 40 copies only (unnumbered). 

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Smell The Stench Records

City / Country:  Serbia / Australia


Static and Nature.Noize and "Beauty".Harsh high end howls of birds and feedback that seem to blend together as one.
There is an odd ambience here, like the kind of ambience created by crickets at night.Piercing ringing feedback rises and
falls.Sounds not found anywhere in nature peak through for moments and vanish.Sounds like a noize/ambient track
recorded in a rain forest with minimal technology and the batteries are dying.Strange sounds along with the wall
of birds and crickets continue mixed with crackling static.The noize effects almost sound like wooden flutes at
times giving this more of a primal feel.Makes me imagine cavemen making first contact with alien life.I wouldn't
call this "Harsh Noize" but the production gives it a Harsh feel.At times it is almost painful w/ such high ringing
walls of sound.Static effects whirl and crackle more towards the end obscuring the sounds of nature.In the end
noize wins and nature is no more.

Scissors contribution to this short split is a little more harsher.Static forms a pulse and rythym along with clicks and
strange sounds.An air-raid signal goes off and becomes a fragmented drone adding more to the pulse of the track.
Becoming more distorted and glitched as it goes on until it becomes a myriad of harsh noize.The pulse stops.The air-raid
warning continues and is invaded by various electronic noize and grinding.The coils are turning.Evolving.Breeding.Giving
birth to more machines each with a tone of their own.Another pulse is born and rumbles through then breaks.Crunching
distorted noize.Oldschool video game-like effect and electronic fuckery.This is much more diverse than the THIRD I
side of the split.Walls of noize and various manipulated frequencies.Almost sounding angry at times.The coils of the machinery
engulfing any who ventured this far into the realms of underground electronics.It all begins to wind down and back up again.
Coils constricting the listener.High pitched noize layers ring out and compete with one another Joined by "drums" or rather
a plodding of some sort.Bubbling attacks of razor sharp sound.This is not the harshest noize projekt around by any measure
but there is something challenging about all the drilling,pulsing analog soundscapes that SCISSOR presents us with.Low pummel.
Distorted drones.Noize torture.Then the coils slowly unwind to silence.