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School Girl Report - When School Girl Report Cry CD

Valley Spirit Recordings

Words from the label:

School Girl Report is the post-Australian heart band of Samuel Miers and Daniel Oakman. They met in preschool in their hometown and their sound is, by their own admission, very Bateman’s Bay
Where last year’s Success is Dating School Girl Report (on Rites Wild’s Heavy Lows) dealt with stories and love letters from their childhood, “when school girl report cry” channels their current state of “sad bliss”. Sad bliss because although it hurts when your girlfriend says to you “I wish we were both black,” you simultaneously bliss out on the fact that - after all the racial prejudice the world has seen - we are at a point where actually many white people feel this feeling. It’s your ex’s scent slowly disappearing from your pillow as you hear the match notification on tinder. This record is about pushing the limits of what it can be to expose yourself. You hear School Girl Report in their grossest and most fragile moments over the last few months.
Part prepared pedaless guitar, part their own material re-sampled and manipulated on CDJs, along with real samples of girls they are in love with and field recordings from their hometown of Bateman’s Bay, Australia. Produced by Sam Karmel of Melbourne band Bum Creek.
"Alright keen for a durrie."
- Valley Spirit Recordings
Track list:
Outside The White Ferrari
Tourism Touches My Heart
Hell's A Poppin
Def Till We Deaf
Being Told You Have No Soul

Format: CD

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Valley Spirit Recordings

Country:  Australia