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School Girl Report - Success Is Dating... CS

Do Your Block

Sold out.

Cassette reissue limited to 50 copies.

Words from the label:

School Girl Report is a band comprising Samuel Miers and Daniel Oakman, a pair of ragged young visionaries from Batemans Bay, Australia, who have spent every day together since they were three. Their current base is nebulous at best—probably Melbourne, or Brisbane, or some faraway land they toured on the smell of an oily rag and never came back from: India,China, New Zealand, Wandella…


Their music has been described as “hesitation rock”, “flavour country”, “blonde fog” and “wobble cheek”. Personally I always come back to Miers’ epiphany about AH Kraken which, sometime in 2010, he explained to me on his living room floor over a beer, a game of cards and a loud dose of said band’s “Geanna Michaels”. He said, “It’s French, so heaps sexy, and German, so heaps angry.”


To fill the gaps in Miers’ laconism, “post-punk” or “Neubautenesque” might also be useful, if vague, terms to use here, especially for those who haven’t experienced School Girl Report live, with all that scraping whistling pummelling screwdriven guitar abuse Miers cranks out, lurching like a human pendulum, driven and steadied by Oakman’s ball-throbbing grooves.

- Do Your Block

Track list:


Kitchener's Gone

Our Concert

Moby Dickens

As If I Didn't

Rebecca Bingley

Rebecca Bingley (Reprise)


Pint-Size Poet

Suede Merit's Doss House

They Could've Laughed Better In Bed Together

The Friendly Ghost

Snapper Fishing In Batemans Bay

Label:  Do Your Block (DYB008)

Year of release:  2013

Format:  Cassette tape 

Country:  Australia