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Sarah Mary Chadwick - Eating For Two LP

Bedroom Suck

Words from the label:

"Sarah Mary Chadwick has spent the last ten years performing and recording music that shifts through the bleary, late-night landscape of the post-grunge hangover. Both solo and in former band Batrider, Sarah has gradually,through hundreds of shows, six albums and countless menial jobs, honed a songwriting vocabulary that is now fully flowering.

Her first solo record, Eating for Two, is comprised of songs that represent the melancholy crystallisation of these long years. Her compositions, stripped of the ornamentation of other musicians, have a visceral intensity and purpose that make this her most significant work to date.These are songs in the truest sense, parcels of smith-wrought expression, of a craft honed. They are immediately painful, desolate and lonely, but on each listen, like all great pop songs, they open up into varied and intimate worlds that contain joy, hope and underlying wry humour." - Bedroom Suck

Track listing:


1.  Fools Like Me

2.  Perfect For You

3.  Steffo

4.  Knots Unwind

5.  Is It Tonight


1.  Mostly Mostly

2.  Shards

3.  Don't Try At All

4.  The Longest Road

5.  I Could Have Lived Without You

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.  Includes a bonus MP3 download of the album

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Bedroom Suck (BSR030)

City / Country:  Adelaide, Australia


"Eating for Two may be therapy for Chadwick, but for us it's voyeurism, and it's hard not to sympathise with this personal descent. At times Chadwick can feel like a friend going through a rough patch, a friend that’s beyond comfort. As a recorded piece, there’s nothing you can do but watch it all happen. It’s this thematic distance, combined with the sonic absences, that make Eating for Two such a devastating listen." - Max Easton, Mess & Noise