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Alberts Basement

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4 track bedroom rock n' roll EP from Lynton Denovan (Satanic Rockers, Encounter Group).  Highly Recommended!

Words from the label:

"The bins are overflowing at Hungry Jacks and Lynton Denovan is here to tell you all about it.  A sort of mid point between The Satanic Rockers and Encounter Group." - Alberts Basement

Track list:

1.  Iron Coffin

2.  Endless Blue

3.  Hungry Like Jack

4.  Cup Of The Great Eagle

5.  Another Shot At Life

6.  Bald And The Beautiful

Label:  Alberts Basement (AB048)

Year of release:  2013

Format:  Cassette tape.  Each copy has an individually spray painted design.

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia