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Royal Headache - s/t LP

What's Your Rupture? / R.I.P Society

Sold out.

This is the second pressing of the LP.  Released on What's Your Rupture?.

Track listing:


1.  Never Again

2.  Really In Love

3.  Surprise

4.  Psychotic Episode

5.  Girls

6.  Two Kinds Of Love


1.  Back And Forth

2.  Down The Lane

3.  Distant And Vague

4.  Wilson Street

5.  Honey Joy

6.  Pity

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.  Includes download code.

Year of release:  2012 (Original pressing in 2011)

Label:  What's Your Rupture? (WYR? 0212) / R.I.P Society (RIP021)

City / Country:  Sydney, Australia


"Royal Headache are a fast, catchy, energetic punk group, with a big heart. 

These songs have commonplace themes but avoid marching out old fashions and stereotypes, a trait largely attributed to the way Shogun’s voice never backs down from its duty to communicate. When he’s anguished, such as during ‘Really in Love’, every note manifests what his written words alone cannot: confusion, indignation, excitement. ‘Psychotic Episode’ is one of his most straightforward, least flamboyant vocal performances, but it still provides precisely what the song needs. 

It’s this soulful, sentimental edge that makes the band so appealing, but it’s the sincerity that makes Royal Headache important to people. They're a real rock band in the traditional sense then." - Shaun Prescott, The Vine