Eternal Soundcheck

Robert Vagg - Untitled #1

Robert Vagg

7 x 10 inch charcoal on paper.

Original artwork from the 2008 Robert Vagg series 42 Lonely Suicides

Robert Vagg is a Brisbane based artist working predominately in charcoal and black & white photography. For over a decade Vagg's art has explored the nature of self identity, the failing human condition, and the sadness of existence. The figures he depicts are a reflection of his own mental decay as well as a comment on the sinister side of modern society and its impact on the individual. There is a melancholic beauty that flows through these portraits that is often deeply moving as much as it is disturbing. Through these works Vagg shows a redemptive spirit transparent in its willingness to express honest, direct emotion.  Robert Vagg is also active as a musician, fronting the cult band Wonderfuls as well as having played drums in Meat Thump and Kitchen's Floor.