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Red Red Krovvy - Demo 2012 CS

Red Red Krovvy

Sold out.


9 sharp slices of punk rock from Queensland's doomed far north.  Features members of Bed Wettin' Bad Boys and Pop Singles.

Track listing:

Vomit Drunk




You Suck

Just Take My Money

I Don't Owe You Anything

T.V Addict

Zan Zoo

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Self released by the band.

Format: Cassette tape.  

City / Country:  Cairns, Australia  


"Red Red Krovvy were a Redd Redd Kross / murder punk inspired band outta Cairns, which for any geographically retarded types, is a very isolated piece of real estate in North East Australia, the kind of Australia that still digs apartheid. I’ve spent a day there, and it was much like most rural areas of the country, scenic and terrifying once the street lights come on.

A great area for a punk band to come out of, and Red Red Krovvy sound so much like Suicide Squad you’ll be waiting for ‘I Hate School’ to come on the moment the tape starts. What you’ll get is a great butchering of ‘Television Addict’, vocal delivery sounds like the lyrics are being read off the back of a pizza box." DX, Distort