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Real Numbers - Only Two Can Play EP

Mekong Delta / Three Dimensional Records

Australian pressing. 

Words from the label:

"Only Two Can Play" sees the Real Numbers further refine their UK DIY-inspired pop approach, resulting in their best batch of songs to date. There's an adventurous air to this one – from the softer edged title track to the ominous tension of "Ordeal" – but the first class songwriting remains eminently catchy throughout. There are moments of genuine melodic splendor on here that Ed Ball would likely give a kidney to have penned. If you were a fan of their previous 12" on Three Dimensional or their excellent 45 on Florida's Dying then guaranteed you will be spending a lot of time with this record. 

- Three Dimensional Records

Track list:


Perils Of Pauline

Torn Up

Only Two Can Play


This Time He's Gone Too Far

Up & About


Format:  12" vinyl record.  45 rpm.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Mekong Delta (MKD003) courtesy of Three Dimensional Records.

City / Country:  Minneapolis, USA


It's called Only Two Can Play but there are actually three members of Real Numbers. And though Eli, Jonny and Tony hail from Minneapolis, home of the Replacements, Husker Du and Prince, they sound like they could be from the home of the Who, Kinks and Television Personalities.

Their UK- and DIY-inspired power pop is infectious and fun – check the “ooh oohs” at around 35 seconds into the title track – and guitarist Eli gets some nice tones and jangle from his Hagstrom.

While some may think they get a little too 'twee' at times, Real Numbers are still a 'punk' band in the same way that Royal Headache are a punk band, without always sounding like one. So it makes sense that Shorty, drummer of Royal Headache, has brought his Mekong Delta record label out of retirement for an Australian release of this record.

- Tim Scott, The Thousands