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Rat Columns - Sceptre Hole LP

Smartguy Records


Words from the label:

Rat Columns is a trio from San Francisco, California that generates dark, ill-fitting pop wanderings, introspective jangle and chime, mangled noises and various points between. The band was started by David West in the isolated environs of Perth, Western Australia, and following a move to the northern hemisphere the trio format was happened upon with the addition of Matt Bleyle (drums/guitar) and Jon Young (bass guitar). Matt Bleyle is well known for his warped pop acts Violent Change & Sopors, and the semi-legendary SF punks The Abi Yoyos. David West has a scattered track record consisting of SF post-punks Rank/Xerox and Perth ragers Burning Sensation, amongst others. The three recorded the LP 'Sceptre Hole' in the second half of 2011. As on the previous four-song 7", James Vinciguerra of Total Control/Soviet Valves/AIDS contributed some drums to the effort. Sure, 'Sceptre Hole' flies closer in to the pop sun than before it also keeps a toe in the murky waters of guitar noise and dour ambience.

- Smartguy Records


Track list:

Side A

Eastern Vibrations

Death Is Leaving Me




Dying Day

Spectre In The Hall


Side B

Raincloud I

Ashes Of A Rose

Opaque Eyes

Frozen Over

Summer Thighs

This Night Mocks Lovers


Raincloud II


Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Smartguy Records (Smart 031)

Country:  USA / Australia