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Ragtime Frank - Live At St George's LP

Negative Guest List

Recorded live in Hobart, Tasmania.  Limited edition of 100 copies.  Features back cover notes by Andrew Harper.  

"First blast of the post-Lost Domain era from our man in the south, in which brother Frank fires one down from the pulpit in Hobart town. And my, nobody knows how to confer the sacraments to the assembled brethren like this brandy soaked boho. 

The hail of gtr/vox brimstone showered down in this his second NGL LP oughtta dispel any notion that old mate might have curled up with his slippers and pipe after leaving Brisbane a couple of years back. In true form he stomps and hollers his way through a set of favourites (Stagger Lee, John the Revelator, Mole in the Ground et al) with his trademark loose swagger and some of his 'heaviest' vocal delivery to date. Meanwhile, the string work on this disc punches well above the weight of his 3 Watt vintage amp, arcing lines of feedback and fuzz into the congregation that nod back to the kinda damage he was doing in peak form Lost Domain and G55. 

The locational anomaly of an Australian based 'believer' out-muscling the pack of blues hound wannabes and channelling the true spirit of the south is one of those sweet mysteries you shouldn't think about too much - just dig it man. He's got the keys to the kingdom."
- Leighton Craig 

"Unhinged live performance from a Hobart church hall. 

Ragtime Frank liberates gospel, blues & field hollers from the constraints of tuning and good sense. 

His right foot stomps with a church elder's religious zeal & the guitar burns away on the cusp of feedback like a Memphis session player who was too noisy & random for Sam Phillips. And then he sings & yells about looking just like a monkey & wailing on electric harp like Wild Man Fischer mixed with Little Walter. 

Far too weird for the purists....just right for boozy parties."

 - Simon Ellaby

Track list:

Side A

I'm So Glad
John The Revelator
My Poor Name
Just Like A Monkey
Rock Me Mama

Side B

Mole In The Ground
Jesus In My Home
Stack O Lee

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Negative Guest List Records (NGL036)

Country:  Australia