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R. Stevie Moore - In The History Of Ever CS


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A compilation of tracks recorded between 1969 and 2013.

Words from the label:

Very few musicians alive today deserve the title of legend as much as R Stevie Moore most certainly does. With over 400 albums released over nearly 50 years his influence on DIY culture and outsider music couldn't possibly be exaggerated. Robert Schneider called him god, Ariel Pink considers him his most important influence, John Maus has written R Stevie Moore essay's and The Residents sent him fan mail in 78. Known as the Godfather of Home Recordings RSM produced and self-distributed an alarmingly idiosyncratic variety of music via his own Cassette Club mail order operation but has not released a tape since 88. This collection of 18 tracks named "In The History Of Ever" spans his entire career from the late sixties to the present day and ranges from rap songs to country ballads!

- Oma333

Track list:


Anytime You Leave

Under The Light

Diet Pepsi And Rum

Heaven On Earth

My Truth

He's Nuts



Oven Love

III (Worst)

When You Gonna Find Me A Wife

Verses Alright Tonight

Love Corpse

Oldest Numbers

My Truth 2


I'm Dancing



Format:  Cassette

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Oma333

Country:  USA