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Primitive Motion - By Arc Or Chord CDR


Sold out.

Hand numbered edition of 47 copies.  Each copy of this CDR includes one of 24 signed and numbered artworks by Sandra Selig.  

Track list:

1.  By Arc Or Chord
2.  Different Bird, Same Tree
3.  In The Space Of Shape Time
4.  I Am Elemental
5.  Guide To The Future
6.  World Behind The Great Mirror
7.  Geodesic Garden
8.  Amplify This Thought

Format:  CDR.  Limited edition of 47 copies.  Printed on 300gsm watercolour card, with a signed and numbered Sandra Selig cut-poem insert.

Year of release:  2011

Label:  Soft Abuse (SAB 046)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia