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Pho / Faux Band - 10" Lathe Cut Split EP


'Faux Band' Side

Limited to 60 copies in olde style green paper sleeves stamped with red paint.

Words from the label:

Lathe cut by Peter King on the south island of New Zealand on clear 10" poly-carbonate.

Two 11 minute long tracks recorded at separate times in different places by the same two blokes.

Not sure how to describe this, but then thats not really our it?

Here's a few words: Hypnotic Chaotic Random Repetition.

- greatdividing

Track list:

A1 - Pho Band - Barry O Cup Day

B1 - Faux Band - The Door

Format:  10" poly-carbonate lathe cut record.  33rpm.  

Year of release:  2012

Label:  greatdividing (dd15)

Country:  Australia