Eternal Soundcheck

Ooga Boogas - Romance and Adventure CD


Track list:

1.  Ooga Booga II
2.  Fannie Mae
3.  Neon Sunset
4.  I Can't Clear My Name
5.  On Safari
6.  Ooga Booga I
7.  Rich 'n' Me
8.  The Clock Is Ticking
9.  Oogie Boogie
10.  Kiss Your Rocks Goodbye

Format:  CD.  Jewel case.

Year of release:  2008

Label:  Aarght (AARGHT009)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


"No one involved looks like the angry political sort who is out subvert the dominant paradigm – and yet they do it all the same. At a time when many whinge and fret about the future of music distribution and the profitability of live acts, the Ooga Boogas seem to have hit on some answers. Like launching their album in the afternoon at a Fitzroy pizza shop instead of a showcase at a mid-sized venue, for instance. Like going to the US to play Gonerfest after only doing three dates at home. (They were asked back a year later to do it again). Like running their own record label and issuing their own records. All this from a bunch of guys whose founding motto was “no ambition”.

But what about the music? There is a great opening line here, “I'm an Ooga Booga/ And my cock’s made of wood”, which Stacky sings over a raucous mass of fuzz guitar that sounds like it’s coming out of a Marshall stack full of blowflies. With a few octopus and squid references thrown in, this basically sets the tone and the pace for the whole album. It's basic, beat-driven garage rock all the way." - Trevor Block, Mess & Noise