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Nun - Solvents 7"

Nihilistic Orbs

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Format:  Vinyl.  7" Single.  45 RPM.  Edition of 300 copies. 

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Nihilistic Orbs (NO-008)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia


"Gratuitous and malevolent, this Melbourne four-piece recall the hyper-saturated VHS colours of the 1980s: think Cronenberg, Carpenter, and maybe even some of the nastier and weirder filmic visions of that decade, like The Garbage Pail Kids or Troll 2: films that are appreciated for a creepy undercurrent their creators apparently never intended. Nun is colourful and grotesque, yet so immediately appealing that it kinda feels like a virus." Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine