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Words from the label:

"Tape is the new recording from the solo project of one of Australia’s reluctant avant-heroes, Matt Earle. Earle has been known in these corners mostly as an improviser (in various pairings with people such as Will Guthrie, Adam Süssmann and Anthony Guerra), or as a member of the no-input group Stasis Duo (again with Adam Süssmann). But he’s also the curator of the stream-of-thought-cdr-and-tape label Breakdance the Dawn, achieved momentary international noise rock fame a couple of years ago thanks to his band xNoBBQx having a release on Siltbreeze, and a man who then tends to go on doing his own thing as Muura.

This “thing” then, seems to be a more self-conscious consolidation of all things Matt Earle in the channelling of rock music’s long-lost DNA into an abandoned foray to the fringes of drone-appropriation and tape noise saturation. Earle uses repetition here to an extreme and sometimes disorienting degree, stubbornly placing layer after layer of guitar-sourced artefacts in a long-unwinding trip of scorched sonics. Feedback is also quite prominently used -but again, no single element is really allowed to surface above and dominate over anything else. It all adds up to blackhole-like kind of trip, a sinister reversal of rock’s ecstatic three chord repetition, one thick cloud of tape-machine reveries, shrivelled-out, left out to dry and then brought back from the dead if you may." - Organised music from Thessaloniki

Label:  Organised music from Thessaloniki (t19)

Year of release:  2012

Format:  C46.  Green cassette tape.  Edition of 100 copies.

Country:  Australia