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Muura - Muura CS

Mazurka Editions

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Words from the label:

"muura, the primarily solo project of the ever-prolific matt earle (breakdance the dawn, xnobbqx, stasis duo, love chants, etc., etc.) has seen some fine releases in the recent past including a fantastic 7" on alberts basement and an equally great tape on organized music from thessaloniki. here are two very contrasting pieces. the a side finds earle's wordless incantations accompanied by sparse guitar and percussive elements. dust bowl improv that gradually gathers a shuffling momentum before dissolving into silence. on the b side (a cover, earle claims, which I must confess ignorance to) we are in very different territory. a muddy synth flood  , overblown and distorted rhythm backed by a metallic beat and seance vocal. a dervish bolted in a cupboard." - Mazurka Editions

Track list:


Storms Still Settle In Hearts Of Cold


Rock It And Push It

Label:  Mazurka Editions (MZK009)

Year of release:  2013

Format:  c20 cassette tape.  Edition of 30 copies.

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia