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Multiple Man - s/t CS

Major Crimes

Sold out.

Words from the label:

"Sunshine state twins present five tracks of primitive future punk, poisoned new wave and relentless THROB and CLANG. Their debut cassette is out on Major Crimes Records for fans of Tubeway Army, Chrome and Cabaret Voltaire. 

Cassettes are professionally dubbed onto high quality Chrome tapes for your listening pleasure." - Major Crimes Records

Track list:

1.  Built Wrong
2.  Photo Arrays
3.  Typecast
4.  Whipping Boy
5.  Spirit Level

Label:  Major Crimes Records (MCR004)

Year of release:  2013

Format:  Cassette tape (high quality chrome).

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia


"Aggressively repetitive and noisy synth-punk from Brisbane created by identical twins. Not sure how much more incentive you need to listen to Multiple Man, and if I were to write that ‘Typecast’ is actually pretty great, would you even listen?

According to some correspondence, the brother duo of Sean and Chris Campion “bond” over Cabaret Voltaire and The Human League, but the results end up sounding considerably more toxic than anything either of those groups ever produced. Filthy, speaker sullying noise with a cute little 4/4 buried beneath the mud.

I’m also advised through said correspondence that Chris provides the THROB (probably synth and beats) and Sean provides the CLANG (probably other stuff). They both sing." - Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine