Eternal Soundcheck

Mountain Cult - s/t LP

Little Big Chief

Words from the label:

"Straight out of a cultural dead zone, aka Brooklyn, comes a band that defies all half assed attempts at lifeblood leaking, beer soaked, fuggin' rock. Seriously, stumbling upon their self released 7" was a jolt, from a part of the world where shit like this shouldn't exist. Blues influenced punk with the right amount of hazy stumble to it that keeps it all coagulated and alive."  Little Big Chief

Track list:


1.  Climbing The Clock Tower With A Rifle

2.  Don't Feel Sick

3.  Christmas Day

4.  All Eyes On Her


1.  Overachiever

2.  Neon Light

3.  Bed

4.  Videodrome

Format:  Vinyl.  12" LP.  33 RPM.  Edition of 300 copies.  

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Little Big Chief (LBCR-004)

City / Country:  Brooklyn, NY.  USA.


"The self titled long player ventures further down the bombed out k-hole as a logical progression from the single giving up 8 dirges of loose and lice infested bum out punk with caveman trashcan thud drumming, syrupy bass groove, tattered guitar ramblings and moaned vocals that sound as if they were sung from behind a ball gag. Grimy and grim, Mountain Cult lays out a dark and sordid gutter lifestyle 'how to' manual of primitive trash rock." Permanent Records

"This might all sound like a total wreck, and it is, but I can’t stop listening – Mountain Cult sounds like four Walking Dead zombies getting together to practice Rolling Stones and Moss Icon covers, fumbling their broken fingers on their instruments until someone comes in and blows their heads off."  Yellow Green Red