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Mope City - Halfway House 7" EP

Tenth Court

Words from the label:

Sydney can be a dreary place. It ain't all Northern Beaches, for Mope City it's being shacked up in a decrepit share house in Marrickville.

Tucked somewhere between Guided by Voices and The Pastels, Mope City transcend their namesake. They make you feel better about being stuck in the same dump you were last year.. and the years before that.

Halfway House is the band's third release - a vinyl debut that improves on 2 quietly brilliant cassettes with the kinda downer pop song craft that makes feeling shit sound great. It's their first release on a label proper, and Tenth Court are thrilled to have 'em.

- Tenth Court

Track list:


Small Eye


Halfway House (Bleeding At The Station)

Blunt Razor

Format: 7" Vinyl Record.  45rpm.

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Tenth Court (TC008)

City / Country:  Sydney / Australia