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Mole House - Hey Come My Way 7"



Words from the label:

"Can't be more excited to bring you the debut from Mole House. Get to know em now. The band is made up of Carla dal Forno backed by a couple peeps from Mad Nanna and White Woods (Night People, Bellplay) and sounds like an even mixing of those two bands. A bit more jangle and hook than your typical date with Mad Nanna, but a bit sloppier than a make-out session with White Woods. Prime bummer pop through and through." - Quemada

Track listing:


Hey Come My Way

Taylor's Mistake


Coming Back + Coming Over

Format:  Vinyl.  7" Single.  33 RPM.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Quemada (QUE-003)

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia