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Midnight Caller - Particle Dreams LP

Midnight Caller

Words from the band:

I sensed that here was a society haunted by ghosts from the past – a society of people in which many things they had inherited from the mighty dead live on in them. I sensed then some contradiction between that gaiety in the very air, and some darkness in men’s minds. – Manning Clark

Growing up in Tasmania can be isolating. Being stranded from the larger world forces people to make their own fun. Midnight Caller did this for a few years in Hobart, Tasmania, selling out copies of their debut LP 'We All Work At The Shop'

Midnight Caller are a three-piece band that perform a heavy blend of Rock and pop. After relocating to Melbourne the band started forging new music. The online e.p. released through Neumusak last year only hinted at what was to come.

The new album 'Particle Dreams 'was recorded at Headgap Studios by Brent Punshon onto 24 track tape. The album combines dynamic song structures that are heavy but melodic at the same time.

From the upbeat noisy opening track 'Starry Moment' to the melancholic pop of 'Particle Dreams' Midnight Caller play hard with a distorted clarity.


Track list:


Starry Moment

Falling Scale

Change Your Language

Particle Dreams



Wagon Hours




Format:  12" vinyl record.  33rpm.

Year of release:  2013

Label:  Self-released

City / Country:  Melbourne, Australia