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Meat Thump - Box Of Wine 7"

Negative Guest List

Track list:
Box Of Wine
Feel Good

Format:  7" vinyl record.  45rpm.  Edition of 300 copies.

Year of release:  2012

Label:  Negative Guest List Records (NGL038)

City / Country:  Brisbane, Australia

"Granted, these two offerings of downed-out, fucked up sloprock are delivered from the far end of a seven-day bender. But, as with the best downer blues in the Peter Laughner tradition, there's a laugh drifting up from underneath the wine, lice, and decay: On "Box of Wine," Annesley drawls out a tale of booze-driven infidelity that is downright funny (My favorite lines are: "Tell my woman/ Don't you weep, no don't you cry" and "Tell my wife I'm oh so sorry for my cheating ways/ It was my double crossing dick to blame"). Amdist the murky clatter and patter, there are stray guitar riffs of genius, and the tambourine even evinces signs of life.

"Feels Good" opens with a guitar riff that Meat Thump probably lifted wholesale from a Laughner or Rocket from the Tombs outtake. Over a band that had already perfected the art of sounding like it's falling apart while never missing a note, Annesley asks himself the question I contemplate every time the alarm clock goes off: "It doesn't feel good...why do I do it?" Annesley was a great writer, as anyone who's read the NGL 'zine knows; he also had a compelling singing voice." - Drug Punk blog