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Mattin - Songbook #5 LP

Disembraining Machine

Words from the label:

"In May 2013, Disembraining invited Mattin to Australia to conceive a series of works addressing the question ‘What is not music?’ The question refers respectfully to the long-running Australian experimental festival ‘What is Music?’ reframing it as negation in order to investigate what sounds remain impossible to assimilate. In other words, what isn’t music? 

Mattin responded by creating the 5th edition of his songbook series: an ongoing work that uses “improvisation as a way or exposing structural clichés in pop/rock music” and “song structures to demystify the so-called spontaneity and freedom of improvisation.” 

Songbook 5 was created according to a strict set of conditions generated through an obsessively literal reiteration of the number 5. Yet it is clearly a ‘rock’ record in sound and feeling. As such it may be the most structurally determined ‘’rock’ album ever. An album that holds a mirror to rock’s ‘freedom’, celebrating its own mediation.

7-8 May 2013, Melbourne, Australia. 

1: 5 musicians record 5 improvised songs of 5 minutes each addressing 5 concepts described in 5x5 word titles 

What Isn’t Music After Cage? - Aware Of Its Own Mediation - Stuck In Our Own Trap - Alienation As An Enabling Condition - The Act Acting On Itself 

2: Mattin performs a 25 minute concert with 5x5 minute sections structured by 5 instructions based on the song titles given to 5 members of the audience.å 

3: Mattin records vocals for the 5 songs in the form of a singing lecture at the Victorian College of the Arts. The audience only hears Mattin’s voice (he listens to the backing tracks on headphones). 

4: Recordings of parts 1, 2 and 3 are superimposed to create a 25 minute album consisting of 5x5 minute songs. 

5: Record released in an edition of 555 copies. 

Songbook 5 features contributions from Joel Stern and Alex Cuffe (Sky Needle), Andrew McLellan (Cured Pink) and the legendary NZ guitarist Dean Roberts (Thela, White Winged Moth, Autistic Daughters)."

- Disembraining Machine

Track list:

What Isn't Music After Cage?

Aware Of Its Own Meditation

Stuck In Our Own Trap

Alienation As An Enabling Condition

The Act Acting On Itself

Format:  12" vinyl record.  33 RPM.  

Year of release:  2014

Label:  Disembraining Machine (WINM#1)